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A Blog by the Biggest Geeks in the Room

Release notes pertaining to MEDIVIEW 2016 version

by admin on Saturday, September 16, 2017 12:09 AM
• Added setting to disable auto-calculation of length based tape measure (Broselow Tape) based on weight

• Added common insurance agencies to admin portal that can be edited and used for quickly selecting common insurance for an agency

• Added button to "Run All" for validations

• Fixed the issue with calculation of "Unknown [Gender]" on Demographics analytic report

• Added an "All" row to the end of the Demographics report

• Added a signature option: "Not Signed - Behavior/Psych"

•  CORRECTED: The warning box was showing up erroneously for a PCR which was created offline, and had not had a dispatch call imported previously.

• Added validation rule, forcing incident number and response number to match.

• Pushed all fixes and tweaks associated with Zoll ECG import.

• Added requirement for arrived at patient time and primary impression when patient contact or assisting

• Added new hospital Transfer of Care form for county agencies

• Changing disable copy/paste from policy to a setting

• Adding new settings screen to Admin section

• Updated Billing printout to reduce length

• Implemented the complex rules for Napa Acceptance of Treatment form.

• Integrated billing PDF output for extracts.

• Added Validation rule for 1x BP, RR, HR, and GCS


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