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A Blog by the Biggest Geeks in the Room

Release notes pertaining to MEDIVIEW 2016 version

by admin on Thursday, August 31, 2017 9:00 AM
  • Fixed the issue with signature documents that were allowing bypass, but should not have. 
  • Implemented requests for Zoll EKG import. Will show a maximum of 5 most recent cases on the screen, until the checkbox is checked at which point it shows the last three days of EKG cases. Plan to extend with agency setting to customize. Also now shows number of events, number of 12-leads and number of shocks.
  • Added first prototype of the four requested analytic reports. Additional reports implemented that require approval (submitted to end-user agency).
  • Hospital Portal columns modified per partner-client request
  • Added new policy to control printing in Hospital Portal
  • Hospital Portal - Limited records view parameters (by date)


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