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MEDIVIEW 2015, version 2.1 — RELEASE NOTES

by admin on Monday, June 22, 2015 1:26 PM


  • Increased License management for updating licenses from the server
  • PHILIPS ECG monitor/defibrillator integration now supported.
  • Product codes
  • Add-on Feature Codes
  • Additional validation Rules for specific clients and geographies
  • Automatic updating of licenses. The length of the license will be extended automatically as contracts are extended.
  • NEMSIS V3 validation was not correctly verifying fields which have a specific format (for example: ZIP codes).
  • Additional Validation Rules for partner-clients in specific geographies, especially North and South Carolina and West Virginia (i.e., agencies serviced by the PREMIS system);
  • A more comprehensive list of state FIPS codes has been included for output of NEMSIS V2 records.
  • "Phantom" crew members (crewmembers that show without a name) can now be deleted.     
  • Search screen was not correctly enabling the Copy to Current Report button.   

Admin Portal:

Added "Contract" section for managing repeat transports information and charges

  • New policies governing data access (and more) will now be available based on the products that have been purchased and any add-on services that an agency has purchased

  • HUB has been made into its own product with its own associated product codes
  • Product code Support
  • Add-on Feature code support
  • Running validation from the Record Transmission screen did not display a message to confirm that all records passed validation. The confirmation message will now be shown.
  • QA Comment Notification: Previously, notifications that QA comments were entered were only sent to the user's designated work email address.  The notification is now sent to all user email addresses to ensure receipt.


    This is a new product that has been separated out of the stand alone HUB into its own product.

  • All Data grids have the ability to print or save their data.
  • Trip Booking Tab allows the user to search for previously created Trips (scheduled segments), load them, cancel them, clone them, or create new Trip bookings.
  • Bookings Pop-up - Users can create new bookings for several transport legs with segment-specific information, pull patient data from patient profiles, create a new patient profile, load common transport facilities, create recurring Trips, or view cost estimates for the trip(s).
  • "Patient Profile Search" allows the user to select a Patient Profile from which to import patient/trip data.
  • "Edit Patient Data" allows the user to edit most of the patient and trip information in much greater detail.  If a patient profile is attached, patient demographic information will not be editable except in the Patient Profile.
  • Trip Assignment Tab allows the user to schedule all of the trips for a particular day and change their status, or mass edit/change trip details such as their station, driver, contract, vehicle type, service, or vehicle number.
  • Trip Assignment Tab allows the user to manage the status of one or multiple trips and limited individual trip information and assess any charges for a trip based on their contract and requested service.
  • Trip Charges Tab allows users to view charges assessed to patients or company contracts and view/edit all charges associated with the patients or company contracts; log payments that have been made against charges; create a custom invoice based on the patient(s) or company; export Trip data in an Excel workbook; and assess late fees against selected Trips for a particular month.
  • Trip Importer Tab is designed for advanced users who are interested the bulk import of transport information from a spreadsheet program into MEDIVIEW TRIPS.  This information can be used to create new scheduled segments, update  existing segments, or create new patient profiles.


CP/MIH/Patient Profiles:

This is a new product that has been separated out of the stand alone HUB into it's own product.

  • Patient Profile Search Tab returns any previously created profiles and allows a user to create a new patient profile from a previous PCR or from scratch.
  • Patient Profile Data Tab allow users to enter and edit the data for the patient profile.
  • Patient Profile Data Tab: Addresses for the patient and insurance can be entered as a list of possible values from which a default value can be set to allow for an expanded list of addresses to use for patients
  • Patient Record History Tab allows the user to view all of the previous PCR's that have been created and/or attached to the patient profile.
  • Patient Record History Tab: Users can unlink a PCR from the patient profile that has been erroneously attached.
  • Patient Record History Tab: Users can view a PDF of the previous PCRs directly from the list.
  • Link PCRs Tab allows users to find previous PCRs that have been created and link them to the loaded Patient Profile.  Users can also select a previously created PCR and import its data from the PCR to overwrite the data in the loaded Patient Profile


Known Issues:

  • When creating a new booking -- even if a Patient Profile is not lot loaded -- if you click "Edit" and a pop-up appears, selecting any option in the popup disables the demographic and ID potions of the Patient Information page.  This disabling functionality is meant to protect the entering of patient info on that screen until the user exits and re-enters the patient information section.
  • Multiple patient profiles may be created for the same patient.  These profiles do not currently have a way of being deleted or merged.  This functionality is currently on the development roadmap.
  • When a dispatch is accepted on MOBILE, not all of the associated trip information (e.g., addresses) is being shown on the Dispatch Calls section on MOBILE's Home / MDT screen. The data do show up as expected on the Home / MDT screen on HUB in the Dispatch Calls and in the My Reports sections of both MOBILE and HUB; as well as on the Trip Assignment screen on HUB. This item will be fixed, but it has been designated as low-priority because after a dispatch has been accepted on MOBILE, this section essentially functions as an archive rather than an active queue (until the next new dispatch is received).


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