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A Blog by the Biggest Geeks in the Room

Release notes pertaining to MEDIVIEW 2016 version

by admin on Monday, August 28, 2017 10:05 PM

  • Audit trail now shows the value of the drop-down or button list, instead of the code.

  • Audit trail has a more printer-friendly format, showing the essential parts of the data point path only. For example PatientCareReportNumber instead of PatientCareReport.Record.PatientCareReportNumber and "VitalsGroup #1: Heart Rate" instead of PatientCareReport.Vitals.VitalsGroup[VitalGroup000].HeartRateGroup.HeartRate


The following release notes were appended to Version

  • Odometer rule bypass added as required  
  • Added Pennsylvania Schematron rules permanently.
  • Added rules for certain Colorado counties.
  • Added a label to explicitly mark timestamps as UTC for audit trail.
  • Fixed a potential issue with re-adding a crew member to a record after deleting them, which may not have restored ownership as expected.
  • Moved the property for enabling secure FAX to the agency profile instead of the client settings.


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