Hospitals and Accountable Care Organizations



MEDIVIEW™ Hub is FREE to hospitals, and included with MEDIVIEW™ Mobile licenses:

  • Interoperability: Output prehospital data for quick and easy access inside care facilities 
  • No software: HUB is a SaaS portal. Needs no installation or integration and runs in a browser

  • Surge readiness: Advance notifications help care facilities better prepare for patient surges 

  • Communication: Give other related caregivers HIPAA-compliant access to patient data

  • Standalone Operation: Facilitates EMS data exchange and can be used independently

MEDIVIEW™ HUB powers the Accountable Care Organization's competitive advantage in the healthcare market.  We offer health providers a "connected" channel through which to move patient and situational data across the continuum of care – from an ambulance, to EMS headquarters, to the hospital or nursing home and beyond.


Like a CRM for healthcare, HUB aggregates and displays field data so it mirrors what the EMS field provider has entered, which reduces training time and ensures that all care providers are on the same page.  Administrators in the receiving care facility are alerted to an incoming patient and the ambulance ETA.  They can then view the full record of data collected in transit, and print or download the incoming data as PDF, HL7-interoperable XML, or a NEMSIS-compliant format...within seconds...for FREE.*

The components of the MEDIVIEW™ platform – Mobile and HUB – work together seamlessly, but they can be used independently.  (HUB's only technical requirement is access to a web browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight.)  Agencies and facilities that complete their work in a stationary environment may opt to use HUB as a standalone documentation portal.  Some care facilities may prefer to receive EMS data in a traditional format, such as a fax. 

HUB can help there, too: forms can be faxed or printed directly from MEDIVIEW™ Mobile, and EMS personnel will continue enjoying the workflow benefits of digital end-to-end data capture. Care facilities can later log in to view records of EMS transports that were transported earlier, whether or not the information about the patient was initially sent in via paper record.



* No-cost access to MEDIVIEW™ Hub is provided to care facilities within the catchment area of an EMS agency using MEDIVIEW™ Mobile, as part of BLT's commitment to comply with EMTALA regulations and facilitate the provision of equitable, open access to emergency care.

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