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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Arriving On-Scene Without Data about WHO was Impacted
Leads to Avoidable Injuries & Death After a Crash

Conceptual overview of HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence   BLT's vision of interoperability in the event a crash does occur

30 U.S. states under coverage.  ~300 hospitals on the network.

Make your roads safer with HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence.

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HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence is patented in the USA

& designed to fill in missing data about WHO was likely

involved in a crash...ensuring a fast informed response.

        • Allergies + other details for emergency responders.

        • Blood clotting, heart attack, and stroke history.

        • Count of likely occupants => how many ambulances

        • Disabilities that may prevent vehicle extrication.

        • Personal details (next of kin, employer, DNR/POLST)