Halcyon Post-Crash Intelligence.


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We look forward to a zero-crash world. Until we get there, when the lights flash and siren sounds, don’t you want the on-scene team to know who you are — not just where you are? 


  • FedEx faces up to $3.5 million per month in crash-related claims and costs.* 

  • Comcast suffers 5000 crashes annually.  

  • Uber faces the “one-in-a-million event 8x per day.” 

Companies face extraordinarily liability risk when an employee’s vehicle crashes.  But post-crash injury and death often results from treatment delays—like not knowing in advance how many ambulances to dispatch—and errors made with the best intentions but no clinical context. Only HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence™ can securely share vehicle occupants’ health context with Fire & EMS professionals while they are en route to the crash scene.            

Conceptual overview of HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence   BLT's vision of interoperability in the event a crash does occur