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Running MEDIVIEW in Firefox

NOTICE: September 17, 2018

Firefox has pushed out an auto-update that changed the way our system works in its browser. In Jonathon's experience, the new version of Firefox (v60) is less stable than the last major release (v52), so he doesn't personally recommend it anyway.

We have therefore put together instructions below that will (a) return Firefox to a version in which HUB and BEACON work just fine; (b) use a new variant of Firefox in which HUB and BEACON also work great; or (c) switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer (NOT Edge), which is already included with Windows 10, because nothing has changed there.  As of September 2018, these instructions will be included with the MEDIVIEW MOBILE installation package for new partner-clients and for re-installs.

For your convenience, we've posted the instructions below, with a brief video explaining your three simplest options:

1. Use Internet Explorer on your computer (not Microsoft Edge), and you'll be able to load without an issue;

2a.   Install Firefox with the Extended Support Package (version 52, for 64-bit or 32-bit computers); or 

2b.  If necessary, downgrade Firefox from version 60 to version 52, as shown in the video linked below; or

3. Install a browser called PALE MOON that is actually a variant of Firefox [Firefox is open source, so it has many variants], that has long-term Silverlight support. 


We're working to get better at posting instructions and videos where you can easily review and share them. If you have any trouble, we're always here to help.

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