Fewer than 50% of U.S. First Responders use technology in their ambulances. The resulting "data chasm" contributes to skyrocketing healthcare costs and medical errors by forcing hospital physicians to redo many assessments that medics have already completed.

In the United States and around the world, academicians have well-studied the challenges posed by the operational breach point at the doorway to the emergency department: no matter how optimized the hospital receiving a patient is, if the medics delivering the patient are consigned to present just a single piece of paper and a 45-60 second verbal overview, how can we possibly hope to avoid the roughly 50% of critical patient data loss that occurs at the moment of handoff?  The diagram below depicts the EMS workflow in most of the U.S.:

MEDIVIEW Hub™ lets hospitals nurses and physicians, authorized personal physicians and other caretakers—even patients themselves, a critical missing link in the emergency healthcare chain—view patient transport data (both prehospital and post-discharge, for example, in the case of a chronic care patient) from a secure web interface similar to an online banking portal.  No integration engineering is required for "covered entities" to view incoming information about patients for whose care they are responsible. 

MEDIVIEW Hub™ lets emergency care administrators log in to review what has transpired from the moment EMS arrives on-scene, to the moment they are dropped off at the hospital emergency department.   It also lets hospital nurses and physicians know – in a READ-ONLY fashion (except outcome data required for NEMSIS reporting) what First Responders have done to stabilize incoming patients, charting interventions in real-time* to cut the risk of data loss, malpractice accusations, and other potential risk factors.

Targeted Market Segments / Intended Applications


Designed for Physicians, Nurses, and EMS Command Centers

Key Features

•  Real-time* view of incoming transport data, document management   

•  Real-time* access to incoming critical patient information via SaaS (similar to online banking)

•  Intuitive ePCR designed to slash time required for post-run documentation

•  Document management and export, for "single sign-on" routing of data to various databases

•  Advance incoming patient notifications sent to receive treatment facility*

•  HIPAA compliant 

•  Designed for NEMSIS version 3

Software on Representative Hardware



First Response Technology Consulting

With both technology and healthcare reporting requirements changing faster than ever before in history, First Response agencies have better ways to spend their time than try to track each new feature and what it means to their operations.  

Whether you're seeking solutions that provide analytics, maximize efficiency, or just keep your team and clients safe, we can help arm you with cutting-edge innovations in a manner that respects your time, budget, and limited bandwidth for "talking tech."  

We can often customize solutions to suit your agency's needs.  Our team can also help with data analysis and work flow optimization.  We focus on "hard" costs and revenues – and of course, patient care – while never forgetting that when it comes to health and safety, technology just has to work...the first time. To learn how we can serve you, contact us.

Presentation of Real-Time Signal Data

MEDIVIEW™ is designed for logistical decision support, data collection, and reporting.  It does not provide diagnostic information or advice.  Due to regulatory restrictions, the display of certain “diagnostically valuable” data—e.g., ECG waveforms—inside the hospital may be delayed until a fixed interval following patient arrival has lapsed. Consult your product manual for additional details.

* GPS and multimedia functions may require specific hardware – for example, access to a GPS receiver, and an embedded, attached, or IP camera. Contact us or your sales executive for details.