MEDIVIEW™ Mobile, the flagship software platform from Beyond Lucid Technologies, is a comprehensive cloud-and-client healthcare IT platform designed to securely and seamlessly connect First Responders with hospitals, and to provide situational awareness and logistical decision support while the patient is in-transport. 

MEDIVIEW™ Mobile is designed to slash the time required to document emergency transports while freeing up medics’ hands so they can focus on the patient rather than on scrawling notes.  By syncing data from medics in the field with the cloud-based Hub™, caregivers across the emergency spectrum can view incoming patient data via a secure portal, even in advance of the patient’s arrival at the hospital.  The result is a more efficient, informed response – and the potential for previously unavailable operational efficiencies (e.g., pre-registration into the hospital). 

MEDIVIEW™ Mobile operates seamlessly in "offline" mode, so it can perform during natural disasters when networks crash or become overloaded. The system enables multiple patient records to be processed at the same time while maintaining patient privacy.  It also includes offline GPS and navigation (requires GPS receiver), embedded multimedia, and offline access to protocol, signature, and education documents. 

Targeted Market Segments / Intended Applications


Designed for EMS, Fire, and Military Medical Professionals

Key Features

•  OFFLINE-ONLINE operation maintains functionality even during network outages

•  Designed for mass casualty management – run multiple patient records simultaneously

•  Capable of "hot-toggling" among patient care records for use during mass casualties

•  Advanced network connectivity capabilities

•  Embedded multimedia-ready (photo – video coming soon)

•  Next-generation data entry   

•  Intuitive touch-screen interface designed to "feel like a phone" 

•  Sold standalone or on a variety of hardware form-factors, including tablets and heavy-duty

•  NOT intended for diagnostic use

*  Integrated photo is available in version 1.0.  Video capabilities will be introduced in a subsequent release.

** Navigation requires GPS receiver

Software on Representative Hardware

As a cloud- and client-based SaaS, MEDIVIEW MOBILE can be deployed on either a low-cost “slate” style tablet — for use in low-impact environments like emergency departments, nursing homes, office buildings or back at the station— or in a ruggedized form better suited to high-impact locations such as in the field.



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